Deflazacort geographic segments and market potentialities (Q3, 2019)


Geographically, Deflazacort market was segmented into 64 districts. It helps business understandable to identify the potential market locations across Bangladesh.The gray bobbles in the map are location of DHAKA, CHITTAGONG, COMILLA, SYLHET, BOGRA, RANGPUR , GAZIPUR, RAJSHAHI, MYMENSINGH, NOAKHALI, BARISAL, TANGAIL, JESSORE, BAGERHAT, KHULNA and CHANDPUR accounted for a large market for this generic. DHAKA is projected to continue dominated by 23.7% of total Deflazacort market. Other districts like CHITTAGONG projected 7.3% , COMILLA projected 5.2% , SYLHET projected 3.4% , BOGRA projected 2.7% , RANGPUR projected 2.5% , GAZIPUR projected 2.5% , RAJSHAHI projected 2.3% , MYMENSINGH projected 2.3% , NOAKHALI projected 2.2% , BARISAL projected 2.1% , TANGAIL projected 2% , JESSORE projected 1.9% , BAGERHAT projected 1.7% , KHULNA projected 1.7% and CHANDPUR projected 1.7% market. A large number referral patients in particular regions, region based practice and situation of a large number of healthcare infrastructure is the market reality.The other districts (light grey bobbles) are showing geographic locations and market potential of Deflazacort across the country.

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