Propensity of Ambroxol in current market (Q3, 2019)


Ambroxol is clinically used for Mucolytic, Productive cough, Acute and chronic inflammatory disorders of upper and lower respiratory tracts associated with viscid mucus including acute and chronic bronchitis, laryngitis, Pharyngitis, sinusitis and rhinitis associated with viscid mucus, Asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial asthma with thick expectoration, Bronchiectasis and Chronic pneumonia.. The trends of using Ambroxol in the medical practice has been changing over the time.It looks like, doctor's preference for using Ambroxol appears to be elevated in the recent clinical practice. In the year 2016, around 52% doctors used to prefer Ambroxol whenever indication for a Cough Expectorants & Mucolytics came-across in clinical management. Presently, approx 57% doctors prefer Ambroxol for clinical indication; is expected to 60% over the forecast period of 2020 - 2022. A simultaneous changes in the preference is expected for other Cough Expectorants & Mucolytics.In addition, an increased incidence of related diseases are presumed to be the key contributing factors providing a fillip this generic vertical. Increased awareness, availability of drugs by the key companies, rising demand for improved healthcare are some of the major factors.Furthermore, the presence of high unmet clinical needs with regard to treatment issue is the factor propelling the expansion of this vertical. This modality of treatment is expected to gain popularity in the coming years as generic provides better medication compliance.