Ondansetron market penetration rate


MedAnalytics measures Ondansetron market penetration in different clinical practices. The report is often a source of untapped market potentials that may exist around your own business. The market penetration of Ondansetron varied in different clinical practice. In recent year 2019, market penetrations was 14% in Neurosurgeons, 13% in General Physicians, 12% in Pediatric Surgeons, 12% in Orthopaedic Surgeons, 12% in Internal Medicine Specialists, 11% in Gynecologists & Obstetricians, 10% in Plastic Surgeons, 10% in Nephrologists, 10% in Diabetologists, 9% in hepatobiliary surgeons, 9% in Gastroenterologists, 9% in ophthalmologists, 9% in Dermatologists, 8% in Infertility Specialists, 8% in Urologists, 8% in Psychiatrists, 8% in Neurologists, 8% in ENT Specialists, 8% in Rheumatology Specialists, 8% in General & Laparoscopic Surgeons, 8% in Respiratory Medicine Specialists, 8% in Cardiologists, 7% in Critical Care Medicine Specialists, 6% in Colorectal Surgeons, 6% in Physical Medicine Specialists, 6% in Dentists and 5% in cancer surgeons.

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