Current and future therapeutic trends of Calcium Carbonate practice


Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is clinically used for Increased calcium demand in pregnancy & lactation,Indigestion,Hyperphosphataemia,Pseudohypoparathyroidism,Hypocalcaemia,Calcium deficiency,Hypophosphataemia,Heartburn,Non ulcer dyspepsia andStomach upset. The trends of using Calcium Carbonate in the medical practice has been changing over the time.

In the year 2016, an around 31% doctors used to prefer Calcium Carbonate whenever indication for a Specific mineral preparations came-across in clinical management. Presently, an approx 25% doctors prefer Calcium Carbonate for clinical indication; is expected to increased 10% over the forecast period of 2020 - 2022. A simultaneous changes in the preference is expected for other Specific mineral preparations.

MedAnalytics witnessed Calcium orotate market is taking over to shape bigger market size. An increase incidence of hypocalcemia, increase awareness of calcium deficiency are presumed to be the key contributing factors providing a fillip Calcium Orotate vertical. Rising demand for improved healthcare are some of the major factors. The Orotate protects the calcium from stomach acid, allowing the molecule to remain intact until it reaches the intestines. In the gut, the calcium enters the bloodstream where it can be effectively delivered where it’s most needed, such as bone and other tissues. In this form, 90 percent to 95 percent of calcium gets absorbed by the stomach as compared absorption of Calcium carbonate averages 31 percent when taken with food.

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