Infiltration rate of Calcium + Vitamin D in therapeutic market (Q3, 2019)


MedAnalytics measures Calcium + Vitamin D market penetration in different clinical practices. The report is often a source of untapped market potential that might exist in own brand marketing.The market penetration of Calcium + Vitamin D varied in different clinical practices. last one year period, market penetrations was observed 16% in orthopaedic surgeons, 16% in general physicians, 15% in diabetologists, 15% in physical medicine specialists, 14% in critical care medicine specialists, 14% in internal medicine specialists, 13% in endocrinologists, 13% in respiratory medicine specialists, 12% in nephrologists, 12% in urologists, 12% in psychiatrists, 12% in hematologists, 12% in gastroenterologists, 12% in rheumatology specialists, 12% in ent specialists, 12% in cardiologists, 11% in hepatologists, 11% in orofacial & maxillary surgeons, 11% in neurologists, 11% in cancer surgeons, 11% in cardio-vascular surgeons, 11% in general & laparoscopic surgeons, 11% in pediatricians, 11% in anesthesia & icu specialists, 11% in dentists, 10% in hepatobiliary surgeons, 10% in plastic surgeons, 10% in pediatric surgeons, 10% in neurosurgeons, 10% in colorectal surgeons, 10% in dermatologists, 10% in gynecologists & obstetricians, 9% in infertility specialists, 9% in oncologists and 8% in ophthalmologists.For example, market penetration rate of a generic found 10% in dermatology practice. It means, 10% dermatology practitioners are potential to prescribe this generic. This kind of report is often a source for discovering an untapped market potential that may exist around in marketing own brand.

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