MedAnalytics is pharmaceutical product market research tools. It is created for marketers who are involved with their product for market planning.

The data is proliferated from the doctor’s prescribing mind, it means, how doctors think about your brand and how likely they would prescribe your brand. MedAnalytics uses matrics for promotional-strength and brand willingness. These two measures are strong indicators of brand performance in the market. Upon stored in the MedAnalytics big data portal, we use different market analysis tools like BCG matrix, SWOT analysis, CAGR, PLC, and others.

We proliferate data from 70 thousand doctors in the Thana level health delivery centers of 64 districts. For product analysis, we included all brands manufactured by 180 pharmaceutical companies.

The research report is presented in an info-graphic manner. So the market leader can understand it in short reading time. We believe, NO SINGLE SOURCE DATA CAN CONCLUDE AND MAKE A DECISION PLAN, so the reason why we advise, TO APPLY YOUR OWN INTELLIGENCE.

We claim our data is organic because, all data are from ‘real-doctor, in real-time and of real-brand medicine.

With this report the brand leader can take a decision plan about:

  • Which generic should be placed at the top priority against present market demand
  • How is your brand growth differ from the industry growth
  • Who are the prescribers of your brand; where they are located
  • How your promotional strength is working in the market
  • Where is your market penetration and where you losing your market share
  • How the new promotional tools- the ‘detailing mixture’ help your marketing
  • What is your business situation and what likely are the strategies against competitive situation

Analyst Credentials

Led by head researcher Reza Bin Zaid Ph.D. MBBS and the team of ITmedicus Research analysts. The analysis is based on the unique pharmaceutical market referencing methodology, which allows market leaders to a deeper understanding of the doctor’s product experience. We then share the insights that matter with your whole organization.

These individuals are experts in secondary research and primary forecasting - compiling and layering existing data with the internal research and google analytics. The team has years of combined experience covering a wide range of pharmaceutical industry products.

Prof. Reza Bin Zaid


Ali Ahsan Rupak


Tanvir Ahmad Siddiky

MBBS, Diploma

The team claims

No single approach is appropriate for every person, product, and business. It is recommended you decide what you think is best for you. All validation tactics are done to build confidence before investing your time and money. There is no single test that can give you an answer, rather it’s a combination of everything, including your gut feeling, you should rely on.