Frequently asked questions

MedAnalytics® analyze how your brand is growing within the framework of brand performance. We capture organic data of real brand from the real doctor in real-time. We have the list of all the pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. For measuring company performance, a company receives a brand performance score for each active brand. The highest performance score gets the highest rank and the lowest gets the lowest rank. MedAnalytics® analyze market share and market growth of your brands along with competitor's brands on the basis of performance then positioning the brands on BCG matrix (Growth-Share Matrix) quarterly and make an insight & strategic action plan by SWOT analysis.

A pharmaceutical business might be running good or it might be struggling to stay in the market. Either way, the fact is each company has a lot of potential than the result show. What, if the brand leaders of a company had a quick, effective way to excel market position. The bottom line is - A process could begin as a leader right now, a strategy that would immediately start to improve broken functions without disrupting the existing plan of current business.

MedAnalytics presents that essential sequence, an effective way of strategies for increasing growth and share of brands and defeating even successful ones into a higher gear. MedAnalytics offers a combination eye-opening metrics, inspiring tools, and time-tested approaches that apply to generate better sales, greater efficiency and more advantageous market position - starting today.

The 3 secrets of prescribing behavior of doctors made a groundbreaking approach to pharmaceutical market analysis. As a market leader, it is your role to achieve the highest possible return from a brand. It’s not just a return on investment….it’s a return on energy to maximizing brand drug performance. MedAnalytics packed with powerful, practical ideas and strategies which show you how to:

  • CREATE a high brand performance
  • SET clear visualization of a brand position
  • UNLOCK the brand share and growth of the other competitors
  • MOTIVATE and inspire you to take an action plan by unlocking brand potential
  • TARGET  market segments that maximize interest in your brand

After registration for free trial you can get access to limited data for a certain period only. After finishing your period you required to register for paid version for further use and full access of all the data of your company and competitor’s company.

If you need help to run the site and understanding the interpretation of data please contact with us by email or call us.

We can arrange an exclusive short training sessions for interested customers upon request.