MedAnalytics Report Use Policy


To set forth the conditions, procedures and responsibilities for registered user services.

MedAnalytics Document Use

MedAnalytics report is available for use by all pharmaceutical marketers for information gathering. The brand reports are provided to the brand leader as an important service. MedAnalytics authority does not guarantee that any brand report will ready for deliver. MedAnalytics will make every effort to provide report for marketer’s special needs. Marketer who may require a brand report to access the medAnalytic portal should verified with staff person over phone contact. Advance notice of a special need would be appreciated and helpful. One user of MedAnalytics is limited to the get two brand reports. Users may not, under any circumstances, share brand report to outside of the company or to other person. User may not use data in the report for publication, for putting in the reference, for any harmful or illegal activities, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Reproducing data or report;
  • Introducing any manual alteration of any data;
  • Engaging in any activities intended to sale by financial exchange;
  • Violating Govt laws or MedAnalytics Policies;
  • Participating in or committing telecommunications fraud;

MedAnalytics authority will determine the eligibility of user. This is dependent upon the procedures established by MedAnalytics, available resources, and demand.

The MedAnalytics claims

No single approach is appropriate for every person, product, and business. It is recommended you decide what you think is best for you. All validation tactics are done to build confidence before investing your time and money. There is no single test that can give you an answer, rather it’s a combination of everything, including your gut feeling, you should rely on.