How it works?

We use two market scales. One is ‘promotional-strength’- that measures, how effectively the brand promotion is working, and the other one is ‘willingness’- that measures, how likely is that a doctor would prescribe a brand.

The team uses following market analysis tools:

  1. The Google Analytics- For the proliferation of data generated by doctor’s own perception of a product. Data’s are collected randomly from 70 thousand doctors from all the thana of Bangladesh.

  2. The MedAnalytics- For measuring brand performance, we considered all the brands manufactured by 180 company.

  3. The BCG matrix- Created by Bruce D. Henderson for the Boston Consulting Group for analysis of market competitiveness.

  4. The Basic Market Analysis Tools- SWOT analysis, CAGR, PLC, Market segmentation, Targeting, Positioning.


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